Brilliant but little-known graphic artist Alexander Aksinin – the hero of the new essay by Alexander Korotko
20 June 2017
  On the main page of the site is the poetic essay “Alexander Aksinin”. This work has a long history. In 2005, the Kiev publishing house “Academy” published a poetic bilingual book “On Both Sides of Love,” where Alexander McCain translated Alexander Korotko’s poetry into English. As illustrations, the artist and friend of the poet Viktor Babanin suggested using the graphics of Alexander Aksinin, whose work in its depth, intellectual, philosophical, mystical nature is similar to the aesthetics of Alexander Korotko’s poetry. The name of the artist today is known to a few, but even those who know his work, and those who for the first time see the meager colors of these amazing graphic sheets, make up a narrow circle of the elect.   The essay is dedicated to Victor Babanin, who before that himself illustrated one of the poetic collections of Korotko – “Applause of the Dead Hands”. On the website in the ILLUSTRATION section you can read in detail about Alexander Aksinin and see his graphic arts, as well as about the artist Victor Babanin and get acquainted with his graphics from the mentioned book. So, on the main page are two works: an essay and a poem from a book with Aksinin’s illustrations, and the mentioned materials are here: