Creative almanac about Alexander Korotko
5 September 2020
The Almanac has published information about the multifaceted work of Alexander Korotko on its accounts in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and on the Youtube channel. These materials will undoubtedly expand the readership, and links to his own accounts on the Internet and to the official website make it possible to get acquainted more detailed with the works of the poet, prose writer, essayist, and the events of his creative biography.Visitors will be able not only to see the author, but also to hear, because on his website and on YouTube there are many videos from different years, where he reads his poetry, gives interviews, speaks at poetry evenings and meetings.The editors of Artifex, having appreciated the significance of Alexander Korotko’s literary baggage, tried to formulate in the texts prepared for publications which areas of modern literature his work gravitates towards, which, no doubt, is addressed to the intellectual elite. Those are links to the publications on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube: The main page contains two chapters, two opuses, from the new poem of Alexander Korotko “The Embankment of Dreams”.