Dmitry Drozdovsky about the poem “Memorial”
9 July 2020
This is one of the most powerful works of Alexander Korotko. It belongs to the mature period of the creativity and fully goes with the main conceptual line – philosophical poetry. The poem “MEMORIAL” leaves no one indifferent; its theme – life and death – concerns everyone.Litterateur and critic Dmitry Drozdovsky, having read “MEMORIAL“ did not hold back his emotions. Here are his laconic and at the same time unusually accurate words in the original language: «Олександре Шимоновичу, який сильний текст. Моторошний і сильний. Навіяло і Єсеніна, але тут виразний Ваш екзистенційний голос у момент трагічного апофеозу життя. Життя – це також і смерть» (“Alexander Shimonovich, what is a strong text?! It is frightening and strong. Wafted Esenin, but here is your expressive voice at the moment of tragic apotheosis of life. Life is also death. “This poem and another one, “The time and the tense comes …”, with parallel translations into English (Hillary Shears, Michael Pursglove), read on the Main page. We also advise you to pay attention to the critical articles by Dmitry Drozdovsky about the work of Alexander Korotko, published on the site: