Family in the creation of Korotko
29 August 2021

Today, on his birthday, the poet receives congratulations from both readers and friends, and of course, from his large family, full of sincere wishes, gratitude for high relations, kindness and warmth of feelings.

In the creation of Alexander Korotko, there are a lot of works and lines addressed to his grandmother, sister, mother, father, who have gone to another world, but forever remain in his memory and heart: “Day is a grasshopper on the grass, / a homeless legacy, / in my sleepy head / crying grandmother’s childhood”, “A laid-back notebook, / bird flocks of calligraphy, / near an older sister / checking the schedule…”, “My quiet, sweet mamele…”, the stories of amazing power about dad -“Son” and “Haifa” and the poem “In that part of the city …”

One of the best lyric poems “Blacker than Black Ink” is dedicated to his wife Lyudmila, there are poems dedicated to his daughters Anya and Zhenya, granddaughter Sasha, and the book-poem “Bakhchisarai” is dedicated to his eldest grandson David. Alexander Korotko is proud of his grandson Ronik, who is making progress, as his grandfather wrote about in one of the posts on his Facebook page, and the youngest granddaughter Abigail became the heroine of a poem, which was also published on Facebook:

All of the examples above, both here and scattered in many books and publications, are not poetry “on occasion”, “to date”, but full-fledged works. And the family for the poet is not only obligations, participation on his part, but also a source of love and inspiration.