Hillary Shears dedicated
19 December 2019
The remarkable poet, well-known translator Hillary Shears recently introduced the poetry of Alexander Korotko in English. She brilliantly translated over a hundred poems. What attracted Hillary to this poetry? The philosophy, the intellectual depth, the vivid unexpected metaphors combined with unconditional not only figurative, but also stylistic novelty – in short, everything that makes Alexander Korotko’s poetic history “non-standard” and coincides with the aesthetic needs of a talented translator. Hillary Shears, evaluating the poetry of Alexander Korotko, admitted that she pays special attention to the first lines, the beginning of each poem: “I love many of his opening lines, because they really make you carefully read the whole poem and think about the essence of the message.” Agree, also a non-standard approach. Having finished translating the verses, Hillary unexpectedly gave the author a generous gift – she translated a significant part of the texts of his site for the English version. Hillary Shears is active on the Internet, has pages on social networks, her life position is positive; she is not indifferent to what is happening with her homeland, and with a person in the modern big world. Alexander Korotko is immensely grateful to Hillary for the cooperation and a subtle understanding of his energy messages, materialized by the language of poetry. For publication on his Facebook page he offers two new (written late in the evening on December 17) poetic texts dedicated to the poet and translator Hillary Shears: