Listen and watch the new video versions of verses by Alexander Korotko in the author’s performance on YouTube
28 December 2016
Six recent poems have taken their place on the personal page of Alexander Korotko on YouTube. Poems recorded in the author’s performance in the studio of Evgeny Bednenko (Kiev); Each of them accompanies the video – the work of artists (graphics, paintings) or photographers. The works of Alexander Korotko were sounding and sound also in the interpretation of professional performers. Early poetry formed the basis for a poetic performance “Neighborhoods Quarter” , in 2001, staged by Vitaly Malakhov at the Kiev Theater in Podol, and were talently performed by the artists involved in this production. In 2002, Sergei Yursky recorded an album “Along the Silence” , and after seven years again performed the poems of Korotko, but already for the audience who came to the poet’s creative evening “Silent Songs” in the Jewish Cultural Center on Bolshaya Nikitskaya in Moscow. Kiev musician Anton Shmerkin recorded several poems in the studio in English translation – video «Voloshin», “Lyrics”, «Three poems» . However, the author’s performance is incomparably deeper than any other. The poet is able to highlight the essence, denote the most subtle semantic nuances, which are led to him alone. Such performance transfers the author’s energy to the listener, reveals the secret, fascinates. Listen and look: “The city was …”, “The stars of the tooth …”, “So undone …”, “Marching the rain with the formation …”, “In the silence of the white stone …”, “Coming home…”.