Mehmet Ismail about Alexander Korotko
8 December 2018
In the previous publication on the NEWS page-a link to the poems of Alexander Korotko in the translations of Mehmet Ismail, published in the “Literary newspaper” of Azerbaijan. In the Preface to the translations, the author shared his thoughts about the Alexander Korotko -man and Alexander Korotko – writer: “Only if you get acquainted with Alexander Korotko, you can meet with the way of his thinking, which relates to both his personality and creativity. Alexander –is as the person not from this world, the person who doesn’t hurry anywhere, lives under dictation of destiny, but sometimes, if necessary, itself can edit the destiny…” Mehmet Ismail shared his impressions of the meetings with his colleague and friend. His words about the poet are sincere, warm and deep, it testify to the knowledge of the subject – namely, the extensive poetic material, to which he touched as a translator. The full text of the Preface is published here: