Memory my friend Arkady Demidenko

Arkady Demidenko doing good and helping people. And this Gd’s mission, he honorably served his entire life. Memory of my friend, amazing and brilliant man, dedicated to the memories.





Soothing drops memories haunt heart. Well, okay. Live on a whim in a light surrounded by angels happens not many. Accept on faith still said that talk about not living. But it was. And were we, his friends, his enthusiasm witnesses misunderstanding desperate souls. And the field, as a reflection of his boundless kindness.

Constantly swapped memories with hopes, he lived the life of a nomad unreal. Parking destroy its essence. “Look for me, catch me!” – Running screaming his unruly flesh. And it gave such powers to people who knew him well, it was hard to imagine that a game called “Come and catch up” ever end.

Beer – excuse beer – case. And talk – long, naive and stupid as life itself. Accuracy of disappointments as Taranka lay on the table and requested as soon as possible to deal with it, with this inanimate substance Renaissance our momentary feelings. We did not really want to listen to each other, but we wanted to be. And we were. And we thought it would be forever…

Treacherous dreams. From the truth on a step. You know, but you do not. No, not a disease, and the power over you takes forever. How boring to live in these moments. Nurse was hired “It’s time.” Do not go, do not disturb, shouting words in your chest, but do not let them free Consciousness lips were discharged. Freeze, wait, do not rush. Who are you? I am your idea. Let shame to leave. You’re not guilty.




We do not know how to get out of town, and especially did not know how to enter it. But what did it matter when Arkady sat behind the wheel. He was confident in his intuition, his spontaneous unwillingness to sit still. When the city was still left behind, and the shortest way to our destination and has not appeared, all at once it became fun, and instead of forty minutes we broke away for three and a half hours. But it was a unique watch to communicate with complete strangers pictures of old Bohemia.





Word – music, word – oblivion infallible beauty paints and air, light and warm breath of wind. Valldemossa – the town, lost on the map of the unconscious.

Quiet, detached from being a monastery and two named in his memory and in the memory of all who have visited this place frightened time. Dying Chopin and George Sand tireless.

Each of us faithfully performed their duties. Arkady was driving, I was joking, laughing wife, children rustled. It was an amazing feeling enthusiastic happening. Substituted for the present time past, and the past is called “childhood”, without specific shape and events possessed by our mind, so earthy and mercantile what seemed another second – and everything will return to normal. But nothing happened, and has been in a state of complete prostration we amicably almonds steal shamelessly encroaching on the unshakable foundations of private property.



Evening Rome and cafes where Gogol wrote crazy. A morning train to Venice. We sit in the dining car and drink white Italian wine and eat mozzarella. There is nothing more. Sleepy waiter, a complete lack of victuals, – all, as we have

The speed with which we drink wine, well ahead of the train speed. He stops every ten to fifteen minutes and reminds pooch sniffing every bush with a desire to squeeze out a drop of contempt for his predecessors.

Arkady tries to improve the situation and begins a long conversation with the waiter he understands only English. The waiter looks at Arcadia aloof kind eyes and believes that sooner or later will realize what he should do.

Saves the wine. It so much that thinking about something else is simply impossible. And Arkady surrenders. Rather, it is a generous gesture despicable Roman patrician releases on all four sides.



Moth night sky with stars, like ospoyu face. 
Because autumn. Take from my hand of applause 
foliage – Carnival of your expectations. No longer exists 
events that could displace at least a part 
memories of you. With the arrival of your death 
silence is deeply rooted in my existence. 
Tosca – a long piercing wind, 
when chilled fingers memory 
Pictures carefully enumerates past life.