“Paris” of Alexandra Korotko
15 September 2019
Everyone has this special city-his own. Paris is a tourist, historical, literary, fashion trendsetter. Paris is the “heart of France”, an aristocrat and clochard at the same time. For Alexander Korotko Paris is primarily a city of artists, museums, galleries, vernissages, and the key word is impressionism, which applies not only to painting, but also to the poet himself. His works are written in the same manner as the paintings of Monet, Degas, Renoir …   «Импрессионисты, кругом одни импрессионисты! Франция обезумела, художники слетались в Париж, как мотыльки на свет…» – это из стихотворения Коротко «Гоген».   In 2011, the poem “Paris” was written, written in convex, voluminous strokes, with unexpected metaphors, a huge palette of impressions and emotions reflected on paper and epic lines, and subtle lyrics. Here is one of the chapters:   Мы сводим счёты с голосом, с любовью, и волосы твои, как листья на ветру, каштановые, страстные, взлетают. Так осень золотая поутру, в часы атласные забвения природы, рисует миг отдохновения души, в руках её уставших немного грустные, но всё-таки цветные, голубоглазые, карандаши.   It is non-standard, talented and visionary. In 2017, the Paris publishing house “L’harmattan” published the book “La grenouille rouge” in French translations by Nicole Laurent-Catris and Dmitry Chistyak. In the same year, Alexander Briefly became an academician of the “European Academy of Sciences, arts and literature” and the winner of the Great literary prize “The Love of Freedom” – and all this happened in Paris. Two more chapters from the poem of the same name are published on the main page, and the first six chapters can be read by clicking on the link: