PLATONOV – Korotko’s essay on the poetry prose of the writer
21 December 2017
Following the essay on the prose of the poet Osip Mandelstam, Alexander Korotko created another, about the poetic prose of one of the most amazing writers, the poetic prose of Andrei Platonov.The essays of Alexander Korotko are designed to be understood by a few – aesthetes, or the chosen ones, those who value the poetic word, for it is precisely this style that is written and its compressed to the impossible density of the work. The writer Platonov belongs to the number of those who are not read long, literally making their way through the thickets of his linguistic constructions, forming a special stylistic canvas, which is impossible for a retelling and not subject to translation. Korotko writes: “There are poets who cannot be translated, no, they can be transported to another side of the time, but in another language – alas.” And, more: “His work, as a heavenly reality, remains a mystery, a mystery beyond which a great and unattainable is being accomplished.” The full text is on the main page of the site and the page of the ESSE: