Poems by Alexander Korotko in English translation by Hillary Shears
5 April 2019
The poetry of Alexander Korotko continues to translate in the West. From the latest news: Following Anatoly Kudryavitsky (see the page of the site Creativity / Translations), three poems were presented to English-speaking readers by Hillary Shears – a famous English poetess, bright and original person. She is well known to connoisseurs of poetic words, since she translated the poems and books of her Ukrainian “colleagues” and also participated in the work of the International Poetry Festival Terra Poetica, held in Kiev, Rivne and Zhytomyr. Dmytro Drozdovsky, writer and chief editor of the magazine “Vsesvit”, said one of the works Hillary Shears: “Translations done at a high level, it is not versibilistic transformation, but at the same time and not reprofiled rewrites for “ non-native speakers “. Hillary Shears worked selflessly and persistently.» It is no secret that many modern translators, native speakers, resort to the help of their colleagues, native speakers of the original language, especially when dealing with such a complex metaphorical poetry, outwardly sparse on the manifestation of emotions, but with an incredibly strong energy, what distinguishes the work of Alexander Korotko. When working with his poems, a professional translator, and such is certainly Hillary shears, in any case will not allow dropping his reputation and fully confirming the understanding of the author’s uniqueness. Time will tell whether the cooperation between the two poets will be continued, but for now we offer to get acquainted with the translations of the three poems published on the main page of the site.