Presentation of the new poetic book by Alexander Korotko There are birds of the perting of love in Israel
29 December 2016
On August 1st, the meeting with the publisher and owner of the large New York publishing house Liberty, Ilya Levkov, was held in the club “Atid” of the city of Netanya in Israel. The meeting was organized on the initiative of the poet and translator Rai Ameir with the support of the “Avoda” Party. Ilya Levkov told the audience about the history of publishing and contemporary literature, about meetings and work with outstanding masters of the past years, many of which have already passed away, and those who are still alive. A significant part of Ilya Levkov’s speech was devoted to the presentation of the book “There are birds of parting of love”, recently published by the publishing house Liberty. Presenting this edition, Ilya Levkov noted that the depth of poetry of Alexander Korotko is calculated for the prepared reader. Alexander Gofeld, representative of the author in Israel, present at the meeting wrote about his impression: “The most valuable thing seemed to me a kind of improvised concert when the Knesset deputy Nino Abisadze, in the past the television announcer, read one of the poems of Alexander Korotko, subtly noting its depth and musicality.” (For the full text of Alexander Gofeld read on the page Reviews. The audience was interested in the author’s new book, asking specific questions about the opportunity to purchase the publication. On August 6th, on Israeli radio “Reka” Ilya Levkov talked about his impressions of American meetings with the poet Alexander Korotko, their joint work on a book of poetry. Thus, the “Birds of Partingof Love” continue their flight.