Publication of the day
1 June 2021

Today’s post on the site’s page “Publication of the day” (Russian version) is a poem related to conceptual poetry from the vast and multi-genre work of Alexander Korotko in this literary field. As an example, we can cite several one-line works from the manuscript “Studio” (by the way, translated into English by Michael Pursglove).

The soul departed but death did not come.

It’s as if I haven’t lived on earth, but I’m so exhausted!

Sequence of prophetic events in the soul’s visions beyond the clouds.

On the edge of life’s chair sit a man, mankind and the fates.


The globe hung by a thread.
The poem “In the Exile”, laconic in form, has a deep philosophical and religious meaning. This is a poetic statement about freedom of choice, the high spiritual destiny of a human and at the same time – a subtle, intimate reflection of the poet’s inner life. The confusion of the soul, a particle of the Divine, bursting out of imprisonment in the “solitary cell of the globe” to freedom, to heaven, “beyond the horizon, to the stars…” is a metaphor of a truly universal scale. And the poem “The Abyss”, which can be seen on the “The Publication of the Day” page of the English vaersion of the site, is also distinguished by a high example of Alexander Korotko’s poetic skill and impeccable translation.
The poem “In the Exile” in the original language is posted here:
“The Abyss” in the translation by Natalia Ogienko is here: