Retrospective: memory of Pavel Zagrebelny
29 June 2024

Recently, Oleksandr Korotko came across a copy of his own book, The Intervention of the Sun, on his bookshelf. The bilingual book presents poems by Oleksandr Korotko from different years, written in Russian and translated into Ukrainian by Lyudmyla Brendak.

The collection includes philosophical works, poems with a powerful civic sound, as well as landscape and love poetry. The book is dedicated to the patriarch of Ukrainian literature, Pavlo Zahrebelnyi.

The words of Pavlo Zahrebelnyi about the poetry of Oleksandr Korotko, written in 2000, open the poetic cycles of the collection.

A sudden “greeting” from the past stirred up memories in Oleksandr Korotko that we want to share with our readers, and therefore we publish the text of Pavlo Zahrebelnyi’s response here:

“The unusualness, I would say, the uniqueness of Oleksandr Korotko’s poetry lies in its almost extreme intangibility. It is like non-woven silk. Unwritten lines. Unspoken words. Words are only thought. The poet thought, and it was transmitted to you as an inspiration, as a revelation, as magic. Poems are not for reading aloud, but for contemplation, for absorbing with the eyes – and then they penetrate you as an eternal essence, as promises and hopes, because the creation of the world is still to come… These poems help to live not in the trifles and bustle of everyday life, but in that great solitude where we remain human in the highest sense of the word…”

Pavlo Zagrebelny, October 31, 2000.

Pavlo Zagrebelnyi is a famous Ukrainian writer, the author of numerous novels, novels and short stories. His work is marked by deep psychologism and historical accuracy, which makes his works significant for Ukrainian literature.

You can buy the book “The Sun’s Intervention” on the website of the “Summit-knyga” publishing house by following the link: