Singer Svetlana Portnyanskaya:

– You came to Kiev at the invitation of Alexander Korotko in the framework of the project “We are the stars of David” …

– Alexander Shimonovich – a man with extraordinary thinking and a rare poetic gift. He wrote wonderful poems “Babi Yar” (music by Inna Pushkar). I perform it in Russian in all concerts and without tears I can never finish:

Pain in the inheritance,
That’s a gift,
On the way to Babi Yar …

And now Korotko invited me to voice the cycle of poems “We are the stars of David”, dedicated to his childhood, his perception of life. We will record two discs, where Alexander will read the verses, interleaved with my songs in Hebrew.
We thought for a long time what kind of music could match his poetry and came to the conclusion that it was cantorial. Unfortunately, it is not such famoust. And it is wonderful that it was possible to present to a broad listener a mix of high music with high poetry. In Kiev we have already choosen verses, at home I will define music. Alexander will write down his part at home, I will do mine in Los Angeles. Soon we will meet again, everything will be reduced. Next is a presentation, and then – a big program “We are the stars of David.”

Задумчивые, настороженные
слова живут в твоем голосе
бескрайним ожиданием исхода.
Они берут друг друга за руки
и поют от имени народа пустыни.
Великая тайна песнопений
на мгновение спускается с небес
и робким ангелом садится
на твое плечо.
Благословенная и доверчивая душа
возвращает тебя домой,
и в счастливом успокоении
ты засыпаешь в объятиях
своего еврейского народа.

Александр Коротко