Solar poetry by Alexander Korotko
10 August 2017
The poetry world of Alexander Korotko is filled with sunlight and mighty energy, which he, among the select ones, receives from above. You do not need to decipher and call the sources of inspiration – it’s always a mystery – you just have to turn to the verses. A selection, or cycle, with the name SUN is as bright as the luminary itself.   If you imagine that the frequency dictionary of the most common vocabulary in Korotko’s poems has been collected, it will be found that the SUN is one of the most productive units in metaphors, comparisons and other receptions of the figurative structure of his works: from single lines and verses to one verse to poetic treatises and poems.   The temptation to confirm the said examples is too great to not quote a lot, but this much is only a small part of the poet’s appeals to the mystical nature of the SUN. His SUN appears as a formidable force, a symbol of kindness and wisdom, but always alive and animated. Even for fragments removed from entire works, one can see how versatile the poet’s attitude toward this inconceivable magnitude is – respectful, compassionate, tender, and sometimes even humorous, but never – panibratic.   “The sun is light, the sun is joy …”   “Birds carry sun on their wings …”   Between the sun and love There is a wall for the nights … ”   “To kiss the sun’s hands in the wind…”   “Do you remember the dispute between the sun and cloud? ..”   “… The sun enters the courtyard without knocking, And the night in response to him – on your knees! .. ”   “Maybe the sun will not remember us …”   “Apple of discord – the sun The sea will hide behind the threshold … ”   “The sun is a coined coin …”   “… And the gold of whose aiguilbons Taking the sun out of the country? .. ”   “The sun will not escape from joy …”   “… The sun, the main rotace …”   “A whim of uncontrollable sun…”   “The sun does not rule over us …”   “… The sun is going crazy in the crowdedness of the clouds … ”   “Unbelief plagues the sun …”   “… The lost sun at the apogee of fate …”   “I pressed my cheek to the sun with the timid breath of the wind … ”   “… In the skullcap of the sun, That fell with a copper coin … ”   “Myopic Sun rewarded September with kindness … ”   “As the sun, red with pain, a tear rolled down … ”   “The sun rises on a pedestal of delight …”   “… I want to smear the sun on bread and there is plenty … ”   «… While the sun is having fun with burning breath of passion … ”   “… The spirit of the sun is languishing, does not believe us – period …”   “… The night sun in the depths of the station stay homeless among the clouds of confused people … ”   “The sun with the roots of the rays, nerve endings of love, sprouts in the cold heart of the earth and with the onset of spring comes to light and warmth with the warmth of its hopes human sea of windy desires … ” And finally, the bilingual verse book with translations into Ukrainian was published with the title “INTERVENTION OF THE SUN”. Earnestly? Read the sun poetry on the main page of the site and on the page CYCLES: