Spring lyrics of Alexander Korotko
10 May 2019
Among the huge thematic, genre and stylistic diversity of the poems Alexander Korotko find a “must” lyrics for every poet, whatever direction he may belong, and which would be the times did. Nudity and awe of feelings, touching defenselessness and passion in these deeply personal poetic statements are always perceived in a special way by readers. On his page on Facebook Alexander Korotko is a frequent author of the lyrics, that are philosophical, love, infinity, and these verses are invariably accompanied by numerous reviews. A few examples: “Svetlana Kalistratova: The author’s amazing ability to awaken memories… Thank you, Alexander, bow to the fine lyrics!”, “Emily Arutyunov: your verse is all the wisdom and beauty of being,” “Pavlo Tuhti: Sasha, You are a unique poet, You have a strange, non-standard perception of the world, events, people. Your world is a world of strange images, symbols and connections, although it is the world in which we live, but we mere mortals think in ancient terms. And every time You discover new and fresh, every time you discover purity, innocence and chastity in words, phrases, phrases that seem familiar to us, sometimes burdensome, and not the material for beautiful poetry.””. These comments, sometimes silly, and often very accurate guesses of the meanings behind magnetophoretic of A. Korotko are expressing the need for such poetry in our cynical times. However, there is confidence that Alexander’s Korotko lyrical poetic messages heal souls, “work” for kindness, beauty, harmony. On the main page of the site are two samples of avant-garde landscape lyrics of the poet.