«The Lunar Boy» is translated into English in London
4 March 2020
Michael Pursglove completed work on translating into English the novel of Alexander Korotko “Lunar Boy”.     “Lunar Boy” was written and first released in a separate edition in 2005 with a preface by Russian writer Andrei Bitov. And now, after a time, starting in 2017, three reissues were released, two of them being translated into Ukrainian. Now, thanks to Michael, this thing will be available to the English-speaking reader. By the way, work is underway on its translation into “American English”, we will inform about this on the page of the website ANNOUNCEMENT.   Those who read this story are surprised that for almost a decade and a half it has not lost its relevance. Obviously, the fact is that this is an intellectual psychological prose, gravitating to non-fiction literature. Despite the fact that the action takes place in the already heavily “stamped” nineties, the text is modern because it is about human strength and weakness, realistic and mystical, life and death.   The author keeps the reader in constant tension, and not because the elements of the detective are present – it is all about the literary skill and persuasiveness of the author’s thoughts, the ability to subjugate not only the heroes of the “Lunry Boy”, but also the readers – accomplices of this story. They say about such books: “It is impossible to come off.”On the main page there are fragments of the story “Lunary Boy”. They can be read in Russian, Ukrainian and English, in accordance with the three versions of the site.