The poem “Abraham and Isaac” is translated into Ukrainian
4 September 2018
the website, page Artworks/Plays, the translation fragments of a large poetic work “Abraham and Isaac” in French and English are posted. To them a Ukrainian translation of the poem by Yulia Dvoretskaya has been added. The poem in Russian was written by Alexander Korotko in 2007 and has survived several editions, one of the books – bilingual (in Russian and Hebrew) was published in Israel. In the author’s reading, the poem was sounded in one of the programs of the Israeli radio “Kol Israel”. This work was highly appreciated both in the literary environment and among numerous readers. Thus, the poem “Abraham and Isaac”, which has lasted over a decade from the day it was written, has 5 versions, 4 of which are translated ones. A fragment of the poem (final part) in  Ukrainian translation can be read here: