Тhe poem “Joseph and Jacob” is translated into English
19 January 2021
Michael Pursglove presented the final complete translation of Alexander Korotko’s poem “Josef and Jacob” into English. This poem is the third in a series of works, the theme of which is the names and events that are directly related to the Jewish faith. The first two poems – “Jerusalem” and “Abraham and Isaac” have already been translated by Michael Pursglove and entered the manuscript of Jewish poetry “The City of Red Brides”. The poem “Josef and Jacob” was included in this manuscript fragmentary. Now this work has a quality translation of all twenty-five chapters. The Jewish theme occupies a significant place in the creation of Alexander Korotko. Both in collections of early poetry and in publications of subsequent years there are poems about childhood that are clearly related to the biography of the poet, a boy from a believing Jewish family. Over the years, poetry matures and the Jewish theme matures. This is evidenced by both poems and works of the epic genre – poems, that are extremely high appreciated not only by readers, but also by professionals. And about the Jewish prose of Alexander Korotko, the conversation is ahead.