«The STUDIO» – the translation work is completed
1 May 2020
Michael Pursglove, a professional translator with a keen sense of poetry, has completed work on the manuscript of the poems STUDIO. This unique collection of poetry contains more than seven hundred works of various genres. The manuscript has five sections: the first four included miniatures – verses in one line and one stanza, and the fifth section contained of poems of a larger volume. “THE STUDIO” is a joint work on the text of the translation, since the author took a lively part in it. Invaluable assistance was also provided by Dmitry Drozdovsky. We will repeat one of Michael Pursglove’s remarks about this: “Fortunately, I was in the position that all translators want, but do not always get, to be able to consult with the author of the original text Alexander Korotko and the editor of the “Vsesvit” magazine Dmitry Drozdovsky and closely and productively work with them to overcome any difficulties.” Indeed, the translator may not always rely on help – for example, the author does not know the language into which the translation is being performed. Sometimes there are ambitious translators who are dissatisfied with interference in the process, hence absurdities and mistakes. But that is not in our case. Intelligence, a sense of language and mastery of Michael Pursglove, as well as complete mutual understanding and human sympathy of both the author and the translator, led to an impeccable result – the poetry of Korotko can be presented to the English-speaking reader as close to the original as possible.