The translation of Oleksandr Korotk’s new book “Blackout” into English is in progress
8 August 2023
Alexander Korotko’s new collection of poems, Blackout, is almost complete.
Andrew Sheppard, editor-in-chief of the British edition of the East-West Review, is working on the translation of Korotko’s poetry into English. At present, 92 poems have already been translated from the original language into English and will be included in the collection.
The translation of verse 92 was received today.

* * * 92 * * *

Бубенцы росы


ветер хлопает

в ладоши,

фильм о пуле

смертью снят,


фильм хороший,

только нет в живых



* * * 92 * * *

The dew bells

are ringing;

the wind flaps,


A death-by-bullet

movie is made;

ghouls, ghouls.

The movie is good,

but none of the guys

remain alive.

In the cover letter to the translated poetry, Sheppard noted:

“… I attach a new version of the June-August Blackout poems that includes number 92, the latest.

Do let me know if I have misunderstood something. This is a poem of a real genius. What a great talent Alexander has.

I hope all is well with you and Alexander.”