The work “Moon boy” was translated into French
20 November 2018
Recently, prose with the definition of “out of the genre” has been translated into Ukrainian, and then was made another translation – into French. This job was done by professional translators Olena Solomarsky and Dmitry Chistyak, and edited by the writer Maxim Kant, who lives in France. This work of the author Alexander Korotko attracted attention the Ukrainian and his European colleagues for many reasons. First, beautiful language, despite the seeming simplicity and conciseness are extremely rich in metaphors and other literary devices and tools, and second, the small volume of the text has a great energy and power, like a coiled spring – the text seems ready to break beyond the book. The last, is plot of the work – nineties, when events had been occurred, “time of change”. The reader is also intrigued by the fact that the” Moon boy ” is written from a female face and has obvious signs of a mystical detective with a philosophical subtext. Fragments from the “Moon boy” are placed on the main pages of the Russian and French versions of the site, and also Franco-reading visitors can get acquainted a fragment of a larger volume  by clicking on the link: