Two poems by A. Korotko in the translation of Kudryavitsky
26 June 2019
Anatoly Kudryavitsky continues to translate Alexander Korotko’s avant-garde poetry into English. On the main page of the site two poems were published. There are “Стравинский” — 1999 and “Ну и дела!”, that was written at the end of June of this year. The reader can be convinced that the style of the poet, aesthetics and creative palette are unchanged. The imagery and rhythmic organization of both works are not subject to any literary trends or inevitable changes in life. Poetry is higher! These are recent translations of Anatoly Kudryavitsky, poet and prose writer, translator, publisher and editor of the online magazine “SurVision” (Ireland). Neo-surrealism is a trend in poetry that unites the poet A.Korotko and the poet and translator A.Kudryavitsky, who have been actively cooperating lately.