Updating of the “Events” page
15 October 2020
The news of the site often contains messages about new translations into other languages ​​of the works of Alexander Korotko. Translations into English are always in the honorable first place. How else? It is one of the most widespread in the world, Shakespeare’s language, the language of the Internet, the language of international communication. This is the reason, and the argument, and the explanation why materials about translations and translators took their place on this page, since the proposed material is really an event with a history and an active continuation in recent years.It happened that the translators of Alexander Korotko were experienced specialists in the field of translation, talented, hard-working, with amazing human qualities. Their cooperation is always accompanied by understanding and mutual respect. On the main page – there are two poems with the translation of Michael Pursglove and Hillary Shears. More detailed information is on the page Events.