Updating the EVENTS page on the site with a message about the meeting with Svetlana Portnyanskaya
19 July 2017
July 16, in Kiev Alexander Korotko with his family and friends had a meeting with a wonderful Jewish singer, who lived in America for many years but was born in Kiev, Svetlana Portnyanskaya. She had been in Kiev previous time seven years ago, and all these years dreamed again of wandering the streets of her beloved city, to meet friends, among them – Alexander Korotko. They also have a creative friendship, since Svetlana has already performed one of the most significant works of the poet Alexander Korotko and the composer Inna Pushkar – the Requiem Song “Babiy Yar” for ten years already.New text material and photos of Felix Rosenstein are placed on this page of the site: