Updating the Ukrainian version of the site with a poetic cycle
10 September 2018
Julia Dvoretskaya continues to work on a book of translations of Alexander Korotko’s poetry into Ukrainian. The translation of the cycle in the genre of philosophical stances of TREATISES has been completed. The world order in this cycle appears multifaceted, and its interpretation is distinguished by intellectual depth with a simultaneous flight of poetic fantasy. The poems of modern poets of any school or direction become all the more meaningful, the more confidently the meaning of the author’s message is interpreted. The philosophical poetry of Alexander Korotko testifies to the maturity of the author, it is outwardly wise and calm, but behind this calm lies energy, persuasiveness and skill. Poetic treatises most accurately confirm that for Korotko in poetry there is nothing unknown either in conceptual or literary terms. The TREATISES cycle translated by Yulia Dvoretskaya is available here: The chapters of the cycle in the original language can be read on the Russian version home page, and  in translation on the main page of the Ukrainian version.