Video about the poetic evening of Alexander Korotko in the Kiev House of the actor
24 February 2017
A video about the new meeting of the author with the audience and listeners of his poems took its place on this site and the personal page of Alexander Korotko on YouTube portal. The film allows you to hear and see the author’s reading – energetically and emotionally accurate. Live sound by impact is not comparable with reading from book pages or screens – this is confirmed by the camera, in the lens of which the faces of those who are in the audience of lovers of poetry of different ages. Their reaction is the best approval that sounded poetry did not leave anyone indifferent. Verses of civil subjects, about childhood, lyric, philosophical songs replaced the texts of Alexander Korotko performed by Irina Skazina and Nikolay Svidyuk, and this was also a living sound. The audience heard reminiscences of Korotko about Inna Pushkar, the Kiev composer, in collaboration with whom dozens of songs were written, one of which – “Babiy Yar” invariably causes tears and applause among listeners. The evening, of course, was remembered for a long time by those who were on the stage, and the audience. Watch the video: Http://