We have not called to you…

Memory Inna Pushkar 

Inna Pushkar – a composer, whose work force his sincerity and romanticism worthy of the highest praise. Classical music education and the surprising beauty of the world perception Inna allowed even in the most tragic musical intonation to convey to us the joy inspired earthly existence.


On one of my recitals in Kiev Philharmonic Inna first sang our song “Change.” 
After the concert, she was approached by composer Vladimir Bystryakov and said: “I’m shocked! These songs appear once in a century. After that, you can not write anything at all. “
A few years later the song has found life. Its first recorded Povaliy, and after a while – Joseph Kobzon.



A few days before the Babi Yar memorial evening I wrote a poem of the same name and then read it on the phone Inna. Morning prayer-song sounded. And lingering melancholy. As if the pain of the Jewish people took to the streets of Kiev and again took the road of death. 
Responsible for carrying out the concert was a famous composer Alexander Zlotnik. His song dedicated to this event was included in the concert program. Inna was relentless: “I’ll call him.” 
Talking on the phone was short. 
– Live tomorrow, the last rehearsal today. You do not have the arrangement. And this song no one heard – Zlotnik said. 
– Please, let me play it on your phone. – And she played. 
– I take my song and put your. Will sing live. 
The next day, “Babi Yar” sounded performed Inna Pushkar from the stage of the concert hall “Ukraine.” The song proved a happy future. Today, in many areas of the world takes awesome song singer Svetlana Portnyanskaya America. 

After leaving Inna Svetlana phoned, expressed condolences and said that in his repertoire included several songs written by us, and at every performance she will devote their memory Inna Pushkar.


Tamara, I can not hear you, I can not hear myself. We were silent for a long time on the phone. “I am a mystery”, “People are not gods,” “White flock”, “Forty-first year” written songs recorded. Autumn release new album Tamara Gverdtsiteli “I secret.” 
“All the songs are very significant, and our joint work as the interrupted song …” – whether you have said, if thought Tamara. 
But what does it matter when the pain of loss, choke the word sounded so prematurely, – in fact there were not enough in life … Inna


All was quiet in the land. And your heart beats more banging on the anvil night. Memory only draws black and white paint your silhouette. And you go, going, going … 
Inna, look. And in response to light as a wave of angelic wings, sigh. – I can not. Do not. It is better for everyone. 
But all long gone on the ground.


Tell me how to repeat your words, like handwriting thy soul afraid that water signs of love for eternity lay down, move into earthly life, being a patriarchal basis, where there is no, and maybe never will be You – hilarious, disturbing fate of an actress, and a great misunderstood already …


These unruly conservatory friends otbivshiesya from their hands, thy new and crazy and quivering, helpless as your lonely life, who find in your house horseshoe luck, Dad’s muse with Jewish roots. How to be without these evenings crowded music and charm, new songs, doomed to oblivion today and long life tomorrow? .. 
We have not called to you, we raced past, carrying you in a different life.