“Winter”, “silver” poetry of Alexander Korotko
19 February 2020
  The skill of the writer, especially of the poet, the richness of his vocabulary and the ability to master numerous techniques of the art of versification is checked also by landscape lyrics. Let’s recall school literature lessons: how many wonderful lines remained in the memory of what was learned in young years! Of course, this was mainly a classic, time-tested, and much less often – modern poetry. Alexander Korotko has in his huge poetic portfolio a lot of works with the code name “The Seasons”, as those which have already been published so those which are still waiting for their time. Some of them are philosophical, others are “tied” to the location, and others are plot. And many of these poems are not lower than those included in school and university programs. Such as one of them – “Winter in Yalta.” Whoever did write about this time of year in the southern city – from Brodskiy to later contemporaries… However, this poem by Alexander Korotko is special. It is mesmerizing, here behind the external simplicity is hidden the incredible magic of images and sensations. This is an avant-garde thing – a placer of coastal pebbles with jewelry cut and in silver of high fineness.