Aleksandr Korotko’s new essays about the war are published on the website
23 June 2022

Aleksandr Korotko’s cycle of war poetry was supplemented by two essays about the war in Ukraine “HOW” and “War and World Order”.

Original texts, as well as translations in Ukrainian and English, are published on the site in the Works – Essays section.

Natalia Ogienko worked on the translations.

The author’s new essays in Korotko’s characteristic prose expose the problem of the hypocrisy of modern democracy during the war in a deep and poignant manner. When the notorious fear of leaving the conditional comfort zone, or rather the satiety zone of the “civilized world” is so great that it deprives the ability to hear and blinds. And now this “world” is no longer sensitive to shell explosions and the heat of fire on the ground a millimeter away. The world is under a general anesthesia of imagined well-being.

“HOW” – the author proclaims. “How to explain that lack of compassion is different from endless suffering.” This is not a question because the answer is obvious.

Each word of the two essays enters the reader with a sharp thorn and remains in the consciousness, awakening, forcing to see, hear and feel.

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“War and World Order”