Alexander Korotko’s poem, translated into Polish, is included in the thematic anthology
2 September 2018
The anthology “Metafora Współczesności” (“Metaphor of Modernity”) released by the International Literary and Artistic Association “Square”, is a new edition that includes translations into Polish of works by famous poets and prose writers from Europe, Asia, and America. The poem by Alexander Korotko “On the August seaside of the sky …” translated by Isabella Zubko was chosen by the compilers of the anthology for the same reason as the rest of the contributions – for its vivid metaphor. With the same success one can consider any of Korotko’s poems – rhymed or unrhymed, one line or long, lyrical or philosophical and all of them will adhere, not to a plot, not to descriptions, but to that key literary technique, which characterizes poetry – metaphor. Alexander Korotko’s metaphors are complex, picturesque, steeped in the poet’s distinctive perspective, and sometimes with a secret meaning, not perceptible to every reader.   Here is one example where metaphors turn a small lyrical love poem into a “vastness” of feelings against the background of a picture of the world. * * * В забытьи каменеют подробности, в поцелуях твоих – жало горькое пчёл, и ночей медоносных огромности рубят соты любви предрассветным мечом. Пламя рек над свечой разливается, и мятежная ширится страсть, сколько можно глазам твоим каяться – полнолунья кончается власть. The poem “On the August seaside of the sky …” is available on the website page: The poet’s new poems with some wonderful metaphors can be read on the main page.