Creative evening of Alexander Korotko in Vinnitsa

October 12, 2017 in Vinnitsa was a creative evening of Alexander Korotko. This is the third meeting in this city with lovers of modern poetry. The reason was the presentation of the bilingual book “Intervention of the Sun”. Ludmila Brendak, a poet, prose writer, and now an interpreter translated Ludmila Brendak into the Ukrainian language.

The evening was opened by Tatiana Melnik, the director of the Vinnitsa Oblast Teachers’ House. In its’ assembly hall the meeting was held. Ivan Stepurin, the head of the Kiev publishing house “SUMMIT-book”, Olga Janushkevich, the composer, the head of the folk ensemble “Zirnitsa” and Lyudmila Brendak were talking about the author and his poetry. Especially memorable was the delicate, profound presentation by Dmitry Chistyak, poet, prose writer, translator, literary critic, assistant professor of the Department of Romance Philology of the Kiev National University. T. Shevchenko.

There were verses from the book and new ones, written just recently, with a wide thematic range. Poetry was replaced by music. Olga Yanushkevich presented 12 of her songs for verses by Alexander Korotko performed by vocal trio “Zirnitsa” and vocalists.

The author of the photo report is Felix Rosenstein.