“Intervention of the Sun” – a new book of bilingual: poetry in Russian and in translation into Ukrainian
5 May 2017
It so happened that the writer from Vinnitsa, Lyudmila Brendak, translated into Ukrainian several poems by Alexander Korotko, published on his Facebook page. After reading these translations, the author immediately saw that they responded to his poetic aesthetics and offered to work on a joint project – a bilingual book. The permanent business partner, the director of “SUMMIT-book” publishing house Ivan Stepurin, supported this idea and suggested that the book should be timed out for the opening of the VII international festival “Knizhkovy Arsenal” (May 17 – 21, Kiev). And so the book came out, and those who were lucky enough to get acquainted with the new collection, appreciated both the level of original poetry and the quality of the translation. The book “Intervention of the Sun” includes several early poems, poems written from the early nineties to the beginning of the zero, and most of the poetry of recent years. The verses have laid down in three sections – philosophical, civil subjects and lyric poetry. Such a variety gives the opportunity for Ukrainian-speaking readers to get acquainted with the vast creative range of the poet Alexander Korotko. The book is dedicated to the memory of Pavel Zagrebelny, not only a talented Ukrainian writer, but also an admirer of the poetry gift of his younger brother. The book organically entered a fragment of the preface written by Pavel Arkhipovich back in 2000 to a collection of poems of Korotko “Uncolored Dreams” where the words of the meter also sound like poetry: “Its like nonvowen silk. Unwritten rows. Unspoken words. Words that stayed on mind. Here the poet thought, and it was passed on to you, as an inspiration, as a revelation, like magic. The poems are not for reading aloud, but for contemplation, to grasp the sight … ”   On the site you can read the preface of Pavel Zagrebelny in full.