New publication in the journal “Vsesvit”
12 September 2020
 Professor Peter Rykhlo, a prominent Germanist, translated into German the essay of Alexander Korotko “The Tower” (Friedrich Hölderlin). The author of the essay expresses his gratitude to Peter Rykhlo and to the chief editor of “Vsesvit” Dmitry Drozdovsky.There are two poets whose work Korotko considers unsurpassed and close to his own aesthetic path in poetry. Mysticism, esotericism, detachment – these are the categories in the literary heritage of Friedrich Hölderlin and Paul Celan he considers as fundamental.Among the large number of essays written about creative personalities, works about Celan and Hölderlin stand out for their special poetic language, deep immersion into their “sinless madness” and ingenious understatement. Both poetic essays are posted on the Home page of the site and on the “Essays” page: And this link to the publication in the journal “Vsesvit”: