Single-verse poems and single-line poems as poetic material for new books.
16 October 2018
Work is underway on new miniature books. Alexander Korotko this year has written quite a number of single-verse poems – larger miniatures with dense metaphorical content. Julia Dvoretskaya translates these works literally “off the page from the sheet.” Time dictates a completely different style of work: leisureliness has given way to intensity – this applies to the creation, translation, and production of books written and translated. The author himself in the Preface and Afterword to the previous collection of miniatures “The Future has returned to the Past” (2016) wrote about his unique poetic form of creativity: “My thoughts are like peals of thunder, strokes of lightning, flashes recorded by the hand of the scribbler …” “Message in one line – this is a short-distance run named Eternity. I could only catch it … “” And the lines are written and rewritten … ” And even earlier, in the late nineties, Alexander Korotko wrote single-line poem, which can be considered the definition of his innovative genre: Transcription of thought. Miniatures were part of poetry books, and in translations into English and French, large sections were included in bilingual publications. Some single-line poems became the titles of books by Alexander Korotko. As already mentioned The Future has returned to the Past and the Transcription of thought, as well as The anthill of the silence, I did not live on earth, Silent songs, Intervention of the sun. So, preparations are underway for the release of two miniature books – in Russian and Ukrainian. On the home page of the site there are two single-line poems with translations that will be included in these publications.