The thematic compilation “The Return from the Hell” is translated into English
24 May 2020
22 poems compiled the manuscript “The Return from the Hell”, translated into English by Hillary Shears. Alexander Korotko suggested to the translator, and, therefore, to English-speaking readers, an extraordinary collection of his most acute works, in which the avant-garde, surrealist style is intertwined with reflections quite traditional for poetry about the current state of the world and the person in it. The verses are bright and emotionally filled, and at the same time, surprisingly, with the calm philosophical look of a wise author on this sometimes ugly, but still beautiful life. These works will take a lot of time, non-standard metaphors, subtle irony, turning into grotesque, and next to it are lyrical digressions. Hillary Shears was in uneasy situation. How to convey by the language of poetic translation to people with a different – European mentality, way of life in a different cultural environment such, for example, as the following lines: or such: The cooperation with the author helped, when literally line by line the features of vocabulary and language metamorphoses were discussed and a compromise was reached in controversial cases. The result is an excellent work expanding the range of the poetic word of Alexander Korotko. Two poems from the manuscript “Return from Hell” with remarkable translations of Hillary Shears are published on the main page.