Hillary Shears: Foreword to the poems collection of Alexander Korotko
26 December 2019
The previous news was dedicated to the work of Hillary Shears on the translation of 120 poems of Alexander Korotko into English, as well as her invaluable contribution to the translation of texts for the English version of the poet’s site. Everything started with the translation of poems in one stanza, and ended with “great” poetry in both literal and figurative sense. Here are two of the single-line miniatures in translations into English by Hillary Shears. * * * Только в твоих зрачках можно увидеть пламя костра, которое загрыз дождь. * * * Only your eyes reveal the burning flame doused by stinging rain. * * * Уходят Да и Нет двугорбого верблюда, и слышится змеи шипящее: Зачем? * * * Leave the Yes and No of the double-humped camel, snakes are heard hissing: Why? Today we are publishing the Foreword to the poetic collection of Alexander Korotko, which Hillary wrote at the end of the translation of the poems. Judging by the high appreciation of his works, extremely sincere and subtle, this poetry did not leave indifferent the professional translator and famous poet, which Hillary is. The Foreword is published in three languages on the Critic’s page of all versions of the site. And on the main page there are the poems of Alexander Korotko in the translations of Hillary Shears. The Ukrainian version is supplemented by the same works translated by Julia Dvoretskaya into Ukrainian.