“You rise not long before the gates of paradise …”

The poem of Alexander Korotko “Bakhchisaray” was published – the first epic work in the literature about the unique corner of the ancient land of Crimea.

The name of Alexander Korotko – a poet, prose writer, playwright – is good
known to connoisseurs of literature.
His poems are translated into almost a dozen foreign languages,
“sounded” as songs and romances performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli,
Alexander Malinin, Nikolai Karachentsov …
Sergei Yursky recorded audioalbum of selected works of the poet,
and the Kiev “Theater on Podol” staged a performance on his poems.
The demand for the poetry of Alexander Korotko confirms that all the arguments about the imminent loss of literature, by and large, are groundless.
In the 21st century, the reader also needs poetry,
as in the times of the “golden” and “silver” age of poetry.
There would be talents … It’s worth adding that Alexander Korotko
was a participant of the International Festival “Biennale of Poets in Moscow”
traditionally collecting the current (and, possibly, future?) nominees for the Nobel Prize.

A new book by Alexander Korotko – the poem “Bakhchisaray” – the first epic work in the literature about a unique, mystical place on the ancient land of the Crimea. Each chapter is, in fact, a micro-poem, a clot of historical memory, a poetic experience. And as you read the book (the poems are illustrated with magnificent photographs) it seems that you climb the mountain path – higher and higher, to feel the blessed silence in the finals and see Bakhchisarai not as a resort-tourist sight … “Tourists here are unwelcome guests. Although there are many of them. They guld, like seagulls on the pier in a hungry year. But does the sea deplete the sea? “- the author of the book notes.

Unnatural and natural, like a rolling wave,
the structure of the poem is deprived of those “delights” and “freaks” that are accepted to be modern. “The so-called modernists believe,
that it is necessary to remove from the text all the punctuation marks – and you are already a modernist.
In fact, you need to clean up not points and commas, but obstacles between
poet and reader, “stressed Pavlo Zagrebelny,
analyzing the work of Alexander Korotko, and at the same time,
he noted that the uniqueness of his poetry is “in its barely perceptible materiality.
Here the poet thought, and it was narrated to you as a hint, as a revelation,
as magic … ” This fully applies to the book “Bakhchisaray”
A fragment from which we offer today to the attention of readers.